penis enlargement methods

Friends, almost every person in the world wishes for a long and healthy penis. To satisfy your partner during sex, you find your penis too small or too small. But studies have shown that most men who think their penis is too small are actually normal-sized penis. According to advertisers, your partner cares deeply about the size of your penis. Keep in mind that understanding your partner's needs and desires is far more important to improving your sexual relationship than changing your penis size.

However, after the end of the century and in spite of many devices and medicines in the market, there is no significant success. The way to safely and effectively increase penis size still seems far away.

Penis size -
There is a large disparity in penis size around the world, such that on average, the largest penis in the world is about 7.1 inches of men living in the Republic of Congo, and the smallest penis is about 3.8 inches for men in North Korea. Where the average penis length of the whole world is 5.5 inches. Indians penis has an average length of 4.5 inches.
Some people have a relatively small penis, and many have a disease such as Peyronie or prostate cancer surgery that can reduce a man's penis size.

Nevertheless we discuss some ways, respecting your wish and wishing you a good future.

1. Vacuum pump-for penis enlargement 
It is a cylinder-like device, inside which you insert your penis, it sucks the air and draws the blood of your penis, resulting in more blood coming in your penis, it becomes longer and erect. After this, you put a tight ringed device on the foreskin of the penis so that the blood cannot be returned. Its effect lasts only as long as you have worn the ring. Using it for more than 22 to 25 minutes can also cause penis damage.

The benefits of using it are low and the risk is high such as tearing of flesh fibers, tearing of blood vessels and other problems.

2. Medicines -for penis enlargement 
There are many types of companies in the market making medicines for penis enlargement which claim to increase the length and width of your penis.
However, very few scientists support this method to enlarge the penis. So you too think twice before trying any of them.

3. Oil for penis enlargement
The companies that make it claim that it contains vitamins, minerals, herbs or hormones that enlarge the penis. But none of these has been proved right. Yes, if a company uses really good minerals and herbs, it can help to keep the penis healthy but the length or thickness may not increase.

4. Exercise-for penis enlargement
In this, you use more than one hand to push the penis downwards. This technique seems safer than other methods, but there is no scientific evidence that it can also increase the length of the penis.

5. Surgery - for Penis Enlargement
Penis-Enlargement surgery is usually required for men whose penis does not function normally from birth or due to injury. Although some surgeons offer cosmetic penis enlargement using various techniques, there is no guarantee of a safe and effective way to enlarge the penis.

In the end, it would be best to talk to your partner, for sure the size of the penis does not matter to them. It matters mutual harmony and love. Yes, if for some reason the time does not seem full, you suffer fro premature ejaculation and you fall fast, or the tension in the penis is less in that situation.


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