causes that reason for premature ejaculation?

                            causes that reason for premature ejaculation?

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation -
At the time of orgasm
Getting out early is premature ejaculation. It is Premature Ejaculation when the penis starts getting "excited" with the entry or if the woman is not yet at the peak and the person has ejaculation (ejaculation).

Side effects of premature ejaculation -

 Self-helplessness, remorse, inferiority, negative thinking or cursing yourself, feeling weak.

Why it happens - premature ejaculation

Due to old age in middle age, when the veins of the penis's senses become weak and loose, the relaxation of the penis is a natural process. For this reason, the power to hold the semen is attenuated. Such a bad condition is called Premature ejaculation in Ayurveda texts. Fear, fear, insecurity, hidden sex, physical and mental problems can also be a major reason for this problem. Some causes of premature ejaculation and sexual dysfunction may also include stress, psychological issues, heart disease or other medical conditions, drug use, drinking alcohol.

Apart from this, this reason is also responsible for premature ejaculation

[1] Food habits deteriorate,
[2] Not eating on time in proper amount
[3] lack of vitamins,
[7] Weak digestion system.
[5] Continuous stomach upset.
[4] Constipation for a long time.
[4] Lack of blood and appetite
[4] Hormones are greatly affected
[4] Making less quantity of semen in our body,
[10] Penis veins shrink
[11] Increased dryness in the brain
[12] Always worry, stay tense

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